Law for Aid and Welfare [hereinafter ‘society’] is a not-for-profit society of legal professionals which has been working in the Indian states of Assam and Bihar ever since its inception in the year 2012. We are a rights-based organization. Our vision is to create a more equal, just and sustainable world. We strive to secure the “Right to Life with Dignity” for all.

Up until the year 2016, the society focused on spreading legal awareness among the general populace by conducting legal awareness sessions to enable them to demand justice. Expanding its scope of charitable work, the society organised a team of six advocates to provide free legal aid services to the poor and victims/survivors of sexual offences.

In the year 2018, the society further expanded its scope of operation in the arena of legal education. Recognising the society’s endeavours and expertise, several institutions were pleased to partner with us by way of concluding Memorandums of Understanding for varied purposes.