About the Legal Aid Programme

The Legal Aid Programme is aimed at providing legal assistance to people otherwise unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system.

India boasts of a particulary robust and independent judiciary. However, expensive processes and representation besides the long duration of pendency of cases make it almost impossible for the poor to seek legal representation at the courts.

We, at Law for Aid and Welfare, strive to ensure the right to counsel and fair trial to the poor as well as to victims/ survivors of sexual offences through our Legal Aid Programme.

Instituted in the year 2016, our Legal Aid Programme has a dedicated team of advocates. We strive to secure justice to the worthy without any fear or favour. We are constantly endeavouring to strengthening as also expanding our Legal Aid Programme

LIST OF BENEFICIARIES (with details of cases)

Please find below the year-wise details of beneficiaries who have been afforded free legal representation under our Legal Aid Programme.

Files coming soon.