Our Values



Organizational values and competence define acceptable LAW acceptable standards which govern the behaviour of individuals within the organisation. They set common norms of dealing with each other while working to achieve the organisational goals and objectives. We believe that the below mentioned values are core to our vision and would seek to promote them through our work.


  • ​To social justice and poverty;
  • Walking the extra mile;
  • Demonstrate openness to learning, innovation, change and growth.

Honesty and Intergrity

  • Consistency and predictability;
  • Adhering to the organisational values;
  • Being fair, objective and impartial in decision making;
  • Self Awareness.

Inclusiveness, Secularism and Pluralism

  • Respecting difference and welcome alternative viewpoints;
  • Valuing team work;
  • Creating a diverse workforce and creating an environment to retain that workforce;
  • Treating people equitably;
  • Gender, Diversity - religious, ethnicity, caste, etc.

Value and respect people's rights

  • Active listening;
  • Engaging with and respecting different points of view;
  • Respecting differences;
  • Giving critical/constructive priorities;
  • Enabling space for being heard.

Delivering high quality results in a manner accountable to stakeholders

  • Clarity on role and responsibilities and objectives to achieve - monitoring, evaluating, learning (responsibility of both sides);
  • Aligning team objectives with organisational mission;
  • Using time and resources efficiently;
  • Using any other skills;
  • Delegation.