1st NLUJAA & LAW National Trial Advocacy Workshop, 2018



Several practicing advocates, including veterans as also fresh graduates attempting to carve out a space for themselves at the Bar, maintain a striking identicality in their thoughts about their struggle in the initial years of practice which in turn is a consequence of lack of procedural understanding coupled with lack of exposure to trial advocacy idiosyncrasies. The lack of aforementioned, despite marvellous skills in research and substantive provisions, makes it extremely difficult for the new entrants to the Bar to independently pursue any matter/case eclipsing the prospects of establishing independent practice besides compelling them to bank heavily upon their respective chambers/seniors. It is also an open secret that most chambers engage new-comers for researching or briefing activities thereby thwarting opportunities providing procedural experience.

Focused on eliminating the afore-discussed grey area as a consequence of which law graduates take a long time to overcome the handicap inflicted upon them (on account of partially deficient curriculum), the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam (NLUJAA) and Law for Aid and Welfare (LAW), joined hands to devise an of its kind programme, i.e., the NLUJAA & LAW National Trial Advocacy Workshop, to address this concern and attune law students and fresh graduates.

Duration of the Workshop

The 1st NLUJAA & LAW National Trial Advocacy Workshop, 2018, was held from November 12 – 15, 2018.


The workshop was attended by 150 odd participants from several law schools.

Resource Persons

The workshop was graced by His Lordship Mr. Justice Kalyan Rai Surana, Judge, Gauhati High Court and His Lordship Mr. Justice Ujwal Bhuyan, Judge, Gauhati High Court who engaged with the enthusiastic participants. Besides, the resource persons included Civil Judges as well as Practising Advocates.